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Wyze, a group of inventors and computer specialists dedicated to making smart home items more accessible to the general public. The items are simple and easy to use, and reasonably priced. Consumers shouldn't have to compromise. Well-designed smart home devices should improve people's lives and be affordable for everyone
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Wyze is a relatively young startup that was formed in 2017, headquartered in Seattle, WA, that was formed by employees who met at Amazon. Copying Amazon's high-volume, low-margin strategy, collaborating with efficient manufacturers, and selling straight to customers on its website Its mission is to provide high-quality goods for a fraction of the price of their competitors. Wyze does this by selling the entirety of its items on its own website, saving money on shipping and retail costs. One of the company's founders was seeking a better method to remain in touch with his family while on the road, so he started with security cameras. He decided to create his own because the offered alternatives were either excessively costly or faulty. The objective is to keep expanding the company's offerings in order to give a wider range of DIY home security solutions at a cheaper cost.

So far, the firm has succeeded in fulfilling its objective, offering cameras with motion tracking, 360-degree panning, 2-way communication, and continuous recording for less than $30. In fact, the Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan outperform cameras three times their price.

These cameras are ideal for those who want to improve their security without spending a lot of money.

Customers get a fantastic deal for their money, even though Wyze is an ever-expanding firm with only a couple of camera options. Wyze cameras start at $19.99 and come with a slew of capabilities typically reserved for higher-priced versions. In addition, the company's services have been expanded to include free cloud storage for backup, although limited to 14 days it’s still nice to have, while local storage is an option.

The Wyze Cam app allows users to view what's going on at home in real-time, although it appears like Wyze might do more in this area. Customers have complained about difficulty connecting cameras and the app depleting their phone power too rapidly in both the AppStore and Playstore.

Although Wyze's range of home automation choices isn't as extensive as those of other security firms, it is expanding. Motion sensors, smart plugs, and smart lighting are now available from Wyze. Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT are all compatible with the system.

Wyze Sense: You may get notifications for everything from your youngster opening a cupboard to someone opening a door with these tiny motion and touch sensors. A sensor bridge, two touch sensors, and one motion sensor are included in a starting package that costs $19.99. You may not only be informed through the Wyze Cam app when the sensors are triggered, but you can also configure your cameras to record if the sensors are tripped.


Some of the main selling features are:

Wyze Cam has the ability to provide night vision, which is an essential function. Even if your house is dark, you'll be able to see well.

Two-way communication - The Wyze cameras' two-way communication capability may be used in a variety of ways. With each camera, you'll be able to talk, communicate with people, pets on the other side.

These cameras deliver clear, 1080p HD footage to offer you a clear view of what's going on in your house.

Users of Wyze may put up a time-lapse to view what happened at home without having to sift through hours of footage. You can check what your dog was doing while you were at work.

 Sound and motion detection: If Wyze detects sound or motion, it will immediately begin recording a 12-second video clip.

There are numerous cameras on the market that provide a great HD image, but some of them do not enable users to move the camera to observe different angles. The Wyze Cam Pan model allows you to zoom, pan, and tilt to see everywhere in your home using the Wyze Cam app.

Motion tracking is a function that is usually only seen in high-end home security cameras. The Wyze Cam Pan will automatically track the moving item, allowing you to see precisely what happened as the camera moves along with you.

Smart home integration: In addition to smart plugs, lights, and motion sensors, the firm has begun providing other smart home devices at discounted pricing.


But besides all the positives these are some of the disadvantages at the moment for wyze.

High-definition audio/video: The built-in speaker isn't very powerful, and reviewers claim the video quality is adequate but not exceptional.

There's no way to automatically turn off the camera when you get home and turn it back on when you leave.

Because there is no battery backup in the gadget, the camera will not record if the power goes off.

Wyze security cameras without a Cam Plus membership are limited to 12-second video clips with a 5-minute cooldown between each recording, and you won't be able to use functions like a person, package, and vehicle recognition. Wyze Cam Plus memberships are now $14.99 per year per camera, so if you chose to install eight more cameras, Wyze's monitoring plan plus eight Cam Plus subscriptions would cost almost the same as Ring's service plan.

Wyze's goods come with a one-year guarantee. I don`t think I will have to use it, but it's good to have on hand just in case. The 30-day return policy is also a good feature to have, since it is usually useful when buying electronics.

With the exception of unforeseen circumstances, Wyze Cams should last long beyond the first year.

Wyze is profoundly changing the DIY home security business by providing advanced features for a quarter of the price of typical security cameras. Don't be fooled by the price. These are not cheap cameras, since they have many of the features seen in much more expensive models. Wyze is ideal for those who wish to avoid standard home security services such as expert installation, expensive prices, and long-term commitments. Wyze is an excellent and cheap alternative for keeping an eye on what's going on in your house while expanding up automation possibilities.

6.6 (Free)
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