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Lumine has been sweeping for more than a year with its game titled Gacha Club in which you can create your own anime in an easy and fun way. This game released in June 2020 is one of the most played by anime lovers and is recognized for its quality graphics
Gacha Club
4.9 (Free)

In that case, the Gacha Club is waiting for you. Gacha Club is a free game where you create your own anime character. You can adjust hair, eyes, clothes, weapons, and much more. You can choose from many fashion pieces from your favorite authors as there are almost limitless options, it just depends on your imagination. All character settings are 100% free. There are currently over 150 characters in the Gacha club that you can use and edit.

Once you are done with the adjustments, there is only one thing left to do. Defeat the monsters. There is an interactive story with combat mechanics. You can fight in many modes. The first is the main story, which will take you through the general story of the game. If that's not enough for you, don't worry, there is a second part to the main story but you have to finish the first part first. You can also train with your character in training or you can participate in various mini-games. In these modes, you and your team of strong heroes will face waves of monsters. The next wave of monsters will always be stronger. The only way to beat them is to upgrade your anime heroes. You can increase your skill level by collecting gems, gold, and materials that you earn by defeating monsters. Remember that the higher the level of your character, the more damage he will deal.

Personalization: The main thing in the Gacha club is character modification. There are many cute options for creating characters. You can create a team of characters that will be inspired by anime. You can change body proportions, hair, facial features, clothing, weapons, and pets. Once you finish editing your character, you can transfer it to the game studio. In the studio, with the help of objects and backgrounds, you can create a pleasant scene that you can take a photo of and send to your friends.

Gatcha Club Story and Battle Mode - The story takes place here in the form of a text box conversation between the characters. When the conversation is over, you will appear on the map. Your heroes will fight automatically. During the battle, you can click on a hero to activate his special attack. Always use a special attack at the right time so that you can quickly eliminate the monsters and win the game.

Controls - You don't have to worry about not understanding the controls. The game will explain everything to you thoroughly, show you the basic movement and guide you through the game modes with the correct mechanics. If you don't understand something, you can always take a look at our tutorial.

Who is this game for, what is the minimum age to play it? This game can be played by anyone who loves anime and generally has a very young audience. The minimum age to play is 10 years old and it has both female and male characters.

On which Android device can I play this game? You can play this game on any Android device that has a version higher than 4.0. All you will need is 100MB of free space.

Music: In the menu, you will be accompanied by calm anime music, but during fights, it will become action music that will boost you and you will be able to achieve better performance.

In this game, you always have a chance to get a legendary hero. Thanks to this opportunity, you can be sure that you will enjoy the game and there will be no pay-to-win. Jerks from this club can only be purchased with in-game currency.

Payment: You don't have to worry that the game wants money after you. All game modes and content are completely free. There are no in-app purchases!

Box Gacha

A virtual box with set objects with established probability is referred to as a box gacha. Its popularity rose about the same time when the entire gacha dispute became well known. Because the number of things in the box decreases as they are removed, the chances of obtaining the desired item rise. If the player is prepared to pay enough money, he or she can get everything in the box. As a result, some gamers may calculate how much money they'll need to ensure they get the item they want.

Redraw Gacha

If the player receives a bad outcome, the player can "re-roll" the gacha. This functionality is available for free in some games. Players who are new to a game that offers a free gacha roll at the start might try "re-rolling" by establishing multiple accounts until they get the desired rare item or starting results.

Trade Gacha

The player can exchange unwanted goods for a fresh roll that will offer them a better item in the trade gacha. Need for Speed Payback is an example of this mechanism.

Consecutive gacha

When a player purchases in bulk, consecutive gacha increases the odds of getting rare prizes. Rather than paying a fixed sum for each roll, a player can pay a higher amount to roll multiple times in a row for a slightly reduced price. The player obtains all of the goods at the conclusion of the roll.

Step-up gacha

Step-up gacha increases the player's chances of drawing a rare item with each roll. Heavy spenders love this gacha since the stakes feel like they're getting greater with each roll.

Discounted gacha

Discounted gacha generally involves the gaming business running special campaigns or events to allow customers to roll at a cheaper fee.

Gacha Club
4.9 (Free)
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